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New Generation E-Commerce

The Market Research

As BBCo Studio Canada, we meticulously analyze global market potentials through regular market research conducted. Our goal is to position your products in national and international markets to reach your target audience effectively. With the expertise and experience of our digital marketing agency, we are here to strengthen your digital presence and enhance your online success.

Marketplace Store Setup

At BBCo Studio Canada, we provide our expertise in setting up stores on national and international marketplaces. We handle end-to-end store setups on globally recognized marketplaces such as Amazon (USA, UK, Mexico, Australia, Europe), Walmart USA Marketplace, Etsy, Shopier, and more. Work with us to strengthen your online presence and gain access to national and international markets.

Product/Business Development

At BBCo Studio Canada, we conduct meticulous research to identify the most profitable products that align with your brand's budget and target market. We identify popular products and provide comprehensive support for our valued brands throughout their e-commerce journey. We guide our customers to achieve the best results and offer solutions to strengthen their digital assets.

Marketplace Advertising

At BBCo Studio Canada, our expert team specializes in store and product promotion on national and international marketplaces. We provide end-to-end marketplace advertising services on many globally recognized marketplaces like Amazon (USA, UK, Mexico, Australia, Europe), Walmart Marketplace, Etsy, Shopier, and more. You can rely on us to enhance your online visibility, promote your products to a wider audience, and increase your sales.

Photo and Video Shoots

At BBCo Studio Turkey, we provide end-to-end product photography and video shoots that adhere to the mandatory standards of marketplaces, which are as crucial as styling shoots. With our professional team, we are here to showcase your business's products in the most compelling way and attract your customers. You can trust us to represent your products perfectly.

Store/Product Management

At BBCo Studio Turkey, after successfully setting up stores, we focus on addressing the unique needs of our brands. We provide support to our brands in various areas, including responding to reviews, monitoring campaigns, and handling return and exchange processes. We assist our customers in strengthening their online presence by offering personalized services.

Let’s Connect

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